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Getting started Using Composer

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is a tool for managing dependencies on the project level, a project being your site or web application. It has become the de facto dependency management tool for PHP. Composer allows PHP developers to easily build standalone distributable libraries that can be shared and integrated by others. This is possible in part by the PHP Framework Interoperability Group (FIG) and Volcom Mens Fader Faux Leather Sandal Black gNEhKE
for autoloading of class files.

If you’ve ever used adidas Men Originals Campus Shoes Collegiate Navy/Reflective/Gold iBvnEQ36
Make to download Drupal modules and themes, then all of this sounds familiar. You can think of Composer as the more advanced Drush Make that works for all PHP projects and packages. Compared to Drush Make, Composer has the benefit of being able to recursively resolve dependencies (downloading the dependencies of each dependency) and being able to detect conflicts.

Why does Commerce need it?

Modern applications such as Drupal 8 consist of many classes, so it would be impractical and costly to manually include each one. Instead, the application includes one special class, called the autoloader which then automatically includes other classes when they are first needed. When Composer runs, it regenerates the autoloader, giving it the locations of the newly downloaded dependencies.

Commerce utilizes various QZUnique Womens Pointed Toe Comfort Soft Ballet Flats Shoes Rhinestone Casual Work Pink dN4XWTG4
. Without Composer and the generated class autoloader you cannot use Commerce. The libraries we depend on will not be available, even if manually installed.

Composer also enables version constraints and prevents dependency conflicts. Without Composer there is no way to tell our users “make sure you also update this dependency as well.”

This also means less work for you.

How to install Composer

Composer offers a convenient installer that you can execute directly from the commandline. Follow instructions on how to install Composer here . We recommend that you use the newest version of composer, as older versions may or may not work. Check that your version matches the version listed on Franco Sarto Womens Fausta Pump Adobe Rose YvSkL

How to use it

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The file defines required libraries, modules, themes, and Drupal core to download. It allows you to run commands when Composer finishes an operation, and more.

Here is an example from the module.

This specifies the project as being a Drupal module available at with information about its license and homepage. It requires of any satisfiable version 2 release, and the development version of the library.


The file is auto generated by Composer. It has information about all the dependencies in the project, including ones your modules or themes depend on.

The lock file contains information on how to fetch the dependency and its dependency version constraints.

composer install

The command will download and install dependencies. The install command will install off of lock file. However, if no lock file is available it will act as the update command.

The command will regenerate the class autoloader.

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The command resolves dependencies and generates the file. The update command will update dependencies to their latest versions.

The command will regenerate the class autoloader.

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The command adds a new dependency to your project. This will update the and files and regenerate the class autoloader.

If the new dependency has any conflicts with other dependencies, such as incompatible shared dependencies, it will not install.

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The command removes a dependency from your project. This will update the and files and regenerate the class autoloader.

If the dependency is required by another package, it will not be removed.

Links and resources

Dependency management is not a new concept and not unique to PHP. NPM for NodeJS, Bower for front end libraries, Bundler/Gems for Ruby, PIP for Python, Maven for Java and so forth.

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If the thought of getting dunked underwater suits your fancy, this might be the method for you. Hydrostatic weighing, commonly referred to as underwater weighing, compares a subject’s normal bodyweight (outside the water) to his or herbodyweight while completely submerged. Using these two numbers and the density of the water, operators can accurately calculate the subject’s density. This number is then used to estimate body composition.

Hydrostatic weighing is an incredibly accurate technique for measuring body composition. The technique uses tried and true variables that feature a low percentage of error. For that reason, many experts refer to hydrostatic weighing as thegold standard for measuring body composition. It’s also commonly used in research settings.

Unless you happen to have an underwater scale at home, you’re going to have to find a lab or a performance center for this. As a result, this method can be a bit inconvenient. It’s more expensive (ranging from $40 to $60) compared to other techniques, too. Subjects also have to forcefully exhale as much air out of their lungs as possible to reduce potential for error and sit submerged completely underwater. This might be uncomfortable for some individuals.

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Think X-rays only detectbroken bones? A DEXA scan exposes patients to X-ray beams of differing intensities. And experts use it tocalculate bone mineral density alongside body composition. Participants lie still on a table while a machine arm passes over their entire body. This arm emits a high- and a low-energy X-ray beam. By measuring the absorption of each beam into parts of the body, technicians can get readings for bone mineral density, lean body mass and fat mass. Also, becausethe machine scans body parts individually, the test can also break down body composition per limb. That meansyou can confirm suspicions that your right leg is indeed just a bit stronger than your left.

Like hydrostatic weighing, DEXA scans are Boulevard Womens/Ladies Wide Fitting Window Back Punched Bar Shoes Beige w4kZbBz7
at measuring body composition. Whereas hydrostatic weighing involves dunkingunder the water, a DEXA scan simply involves lying on a table for a few quick, dry and painless minutes.

Like the hydrostatic weighing method, don’t count on around-the-clock availability ofDEXA’sadvanced technology. Getting a DEXA scan usually involves making an appointment with a medical professional. The high level of accuracy also comes at a relatively high price tag (which will vary by location) compared to other methods.

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Don’t let the name intimidate you. Air-displacement plethysmography is actually very similar to underwater weighing. First, participants sit in a small machine, like this “ BOD Pod .” Then, by measuring how air displacementby the individual, technicians can determine body density. Like underwater weighing, the participant’s body density is then used to calculate body composition.

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